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Tab-A-Letter (monthly newsletter)

March 2018

Revival – What If it happened would you be there? 

by Pastor Rob Benardo

The word revival is used a lot, but many of us in Michigan felt like we were just a part of a real revival at our ministerial meeting near the end of January. The speaker, Ron Duffield, is a lay person from Washington and his subject was the return of the latter rain. Day after day, he shared with us the amazing history of this Seventh-day Adventist church especially in the years around 1888. His presentation style was very calm but the truths spoken were very convincing to all who heard. Several ministers commented that it was the most impactful ministerial meeting they had ever been to in 10, 20 and even 30 years of ministry.


Please allow me to share with you the words from Dan Towar, a long time Michigan evangelist as he wrote an article for fulcrum7.com. He said, “There was a sense among those present that the Lord had drawn especially near, a sense of a powerful filling from Him. This “most precious message”, as Ellen White had often referred to it was transforming lives... What did we experience? There were sincere heartfelt prayers and some confessions. There was an uplifting of Jesus and asking for the long awaited outpouring of the Holy Spirit. There was also an asking for forgiveness and forgiveness being given.


To tell the truth what we experienced was vulnerability, humility, and tears that are not common in a large gathering. . . It was an experience brought on by a study of the Bible, prayer, and heartfelt presentations from a dedicated layman of the church. The message of 1888 proved to be a powerful catalyst for this revival experience. . . This is the message that our church needs.”


So back to the question, if a revival happened in our Tabernacle church, would you be there? We have a speaker coming from March 31 April 7 whose name is Louis Torres. Although his messages will not be on the subject of 1888, we can be sure that the Lord will use him powerfully as he has done all over the world. The revival meetings will start on the Sabbath during the church service and end on Sabbath during the church service. The nightly meetings on the weekdays will be at 7:00 p.m.


We are inviting everyone to come to hear this powerful presenter and to pray in advance for the Lord’s Spirit to be poured out upon us. What if the Lord does come in a special marked manner and you are not there? Would that grieve the heart of God if you were missing? Or to put it another way, would the Lord be especially pleased if you made plans to attend? Well you be the judge and let the spirit lead you. Again those dates are March 31 as the starting date and April 7 as the closing date. April 7 just happens to be the world day of prayer and fasting for the Adventist church. May God bless you as you draw close to our dear Jesus on a daily basis in anticipation of spending eternity with him very soon!   



OH, HOW HE LOVES US…by Lorrie Rietman

 One of the more dangerous things for a mother of small children to do is to take a shower when her children are awake. If Charles wasn't home, I used to just wait till nap time or be sure to get my shower in before he left. However as the kids have gotten older, it has seemed slightly less risky to quickly hop in the shower. Usually. Recently I emerged from my shower to find Lily running around in a frenzy....not entirely abnormal. Then Nathaniel happily trotted over to me and I immediately spied that his mouth was full of something. "Open up, Buddy!" Dog food! His mouth was stuffed with dog food! "Lily!!!!" I bellowed and she immediately ran away from me, sat down and started chewing as fast as she could!! Gross! The previous day we had relocated the dog food bag, not considering that it was now within her reach. Thankfully, dog food isn't the most disastrous thing she could eat and feed her brother....but she did get a stern lesson on how she and Nathaniel do not have furry tails and floppy ears.


For all the nonsense, I know these scenarios will be those I talk about for years to come. I will remember these episodes with a smile and a laugh as I look at my soon-to-be (hopefully!) more rational and calm children. Despite the days of chaos, screaming and mischief, I absolutely delight in my kids! They are the most precious little people with whom I love to spend my days.


Did you know that God delights and rejoices in you? "The Lord your God in your midst, the Mighty one will save; He will rejoice over you with gladness, He will quiet you with His love, He will rejoice over you with singing." Zephaniah 3:17. Oh, how He loves us! He looks upon you and He just smiles. He wants to spend His days with you. Do you want to spend your days with Him?




It’s tax time once again.  You should have received your tax documents in the mail by now.  Some have already prepared their taxes.  Did you or will you receive a tax return this year?  What do you plan to do with your check? Home improvements, pay off debts a family vacation?  The list is endless.


As faithful Christians, the question inevitably comes up; should you tithe on your tax refund? The short answer is yes. The long answer goes back to another question. Do you regularly pay your tithe and offerings on gross income or net income?  The long answer to the original question is that it depends on whether you are a:

Gross Income Tither - Then no, you have already tithed on this “refund” money when you earned it.

Net Income Tither - Yes, you now have new spendable income that is flowing into your bank account that you have not paid tithe on.

The bottom line is that tithing and giving offerings is all about priorities and putting God first.  We should give God the first part of everything, and that includes our money.



In February the pathfinders enjoyed some fresh air and nature at Camp Au Sable for our annual District 8 winter snow outing.  We joined friends from other clubs for the weekend. Some of the events for the weekend included an intense game of sardines in the dark, snow tubing, ice skating, cross country skiing and a couple of pathfinders even found out what happens when you stick your tongue to frozen metal. It is always good to spend time with God, friends and nature! - Brad and Tracey Hall, Directors of the BC Pioneers Pathfinder Club


SACRED CONCERT SERIES 2018: The March 31st concert will be Buddy Houghtaling. Buddy always brings new songs and fresh testimonies to his concerts.  His programs are joyful and Christ centered, and we know you will be blessed.  Invite a friend and join us for our final concert this season.  All concerts are FREE, 7:00 pm in the sanctuary.


LADIES TEA:  Please join us on Monday, March 5 at 1:00 p.m. in the church’s dining room. We will be making smoothies so bring a cup of your favorite fruit mix.  Also, bring your crochet, knitting or anything you would like to work on while we socialize.